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Designers, Memorize These Concepts.

Designers Memorize These Concepts

As a young artist myself, I’ve learned countless terms and concepts that have helped me survive in the Advertising world. Many of which you should already know, but just in case, check these out.


If elements are going to be seen together, they should work together. Always consider the end result. If you dot your i’s on the counter-card, you should dot your i’s on the banner right beside it. 

When you make a decision somewhere, keep it consistent throughout the element and the other elements around it. 

Tell a story

You’re a designer, not a decorator. Your job is to create an experience that sells an idea. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the way it looks that we turn into decorators. Think about the ways you present your details and imagery, and see if there’s a story to tell within it. 

Breathing Room

Even experienced artists struggle with this one. Give your art some room. The eye tends to avoid clutter. (Kinda like the laundry pile in my room.) Learn to love empty space. It’s oxygen, not unused real estate. If you want something to grab attention, don’t make it bigger, give it room. A lot of room. Probably more than you’re comfortable with.


This is a broader concept, but think of how the whole picture comes together. How are you leading the eyes, and does attention transition from place to place smoothly? Try to keep the composition balanced from end to end. 



This one goes along with composition, but it’s important. Their should be a distinctive order in which attention flows. 

Sometimes we make the mistake of making our logo too big when it should be read last. Or the headline and subhead look too similar. Or it’s hard to tell which product image is the more important one.


This is a basic one, but you should get in the habit of checking it. Some fonts have wonky kerning between V and A, I and L, or Y and a period. Just give it a double check every time.

Keep it simple

Don’t over think it. Less is more. It may seem boring or lame, but adding more clutter won’t help. 

Over thinking it also keeps you from making great ideas. Just spit out the 1st idea that hits your brain. If it sucks, do it again, and again, until you have a great idea.

The best stories can be explained in one sentence. The same goes for art. What is the simplest way you can convey an idea?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! Hope this helps.



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